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Codify your ranks among the crew, as a Flote Plank Owner

It pays, in both prestige and perks, to be onboard this ship early. In celebration of the maiden voyage of Flote V1.0 and the social-economy it will pioneer, we are releasing a special digital collectible that will be your ticket for a true VIP experience and the forthcoming $FLOTE token airdrop! We call it the Plank Owner NFT. 
Plank Owner NFT - Chief Tier 2
Plank Owner NFT - Whale Tier 6
Plank Owner NFT - Pirate Tier 5

What is a Plank Owner?

The idea of a Plank Owner comes from naval history and culture. A plank owner was an individual who was part of the original crew of a ship when that ship was first commissioned. Later the term was applied to the first crew of a recommissioned ship as well. Crew members would create and issue their own certificates and badges to commemorate ship launches and were often gifted actual pieces of deck planking from decommissioned ships on which they served.

In Flote terms, a Plank Owner is one of the earliest supporters of Flote. We started building this ship a little over a year ago, and as we get closer to our official launch, we wanted to invite our committed crew members to partake in this ceremonious event.

Why an NFT?

An NFT allows us to offer a unique way for our early crew members to show they’ve been here since the beginning. Coming out of a beta and into Flote V1.0 is a monumental step for us, and what better way to celebrate it? 

This NFT will represent your VIP ticket to unlock exclusive perks and privileges. Here’s a look at just a few of the benefits Plank Owners can look forward to:

  • Receive Flote Tokens via an airdrop in accordance with the NFT tier owned
  • Whitelisting for our upcoming Flote Avatar NFT sale
  • Plank Owner NFT visible as a badge on your Flote profile and in the Project Mirage metaverse
  • First access to a verified Flote profile
  • Post boosting multiplier
  • Invitation to private Plank Owner groups on Flote, Telegram and Discord
  • Beta access to all the newest features on Flote
  • Exclusive invites and perks for Flote IRL events (FloteFest 2022)
  • Discount on premium Flote merchandise
  • Free Flote Advertiser credits
  • Membership in Flote+ for premium-tier services (as developed)
  • One free Unstoppable Domain per NFT
  • And most importantly, bragging rights!

I’m in, when can I get one?

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